If you live in the Front Range in Colorado, and even if you bought your house at the height of the market before the 2008 bust, the answer is probably “yes,” according to this report by Freddie Mac:

Prices compared with 2008 peak

Year-on-year, when comparing with the 12 months ending June 2016, home owners did not fare too badly either, with values going up by about 5.2% in Pueblo; 8.8% in Colorado Springs; 12.2% in the Denver metro area; and more than 11% in Fort Collins and Greeley:

Annual House Price Change.png

So, if the last time you closed on a mortgage loan on your home was before 2008, it may be time to refinance, with rates being as low as they are now.

And if you bought your house within the last two years with not a lot of money down, you may be able to save some money on your mortgage balance, and remove mortgage insurance (if you put less than 20% down payment) because you’ve gained a lot of equity!

You can visualize the data in detail at Freddie Mac.

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