Some people like the bright lights of big cities, whereas others just want to be able to look up and see stars in the night sky.

Four in five Americans live where they cannot see the Milky Way, due to light pollution.

There are two towns in Colorado you can live in if you want to be that one in five; the towns have ordinances regarding how much light you could have outside your house at night:

…the tiny neighboring ranching and railroad towns of Westcliffe (population 568) and Silver Cliff (population 587) have decided to tap into the dwindling natural resource of darkness…

So for more than a decade, the two towns and a local dark-sky nonprofit have been dialing down the dimmer switch. They have replaced streetlights and passed rules requiring that outdoor lights point down. The group built a small observatory with star guides who tee up its telescope and take people on a tour of the night. They coax homeowners to hood their porch lamps or dim a bright light outside their house.

Read more about it at the New York Times.

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